Senior Care Has a Great Future

Senior care as a business is one that has a lot of potential in the coming years. And, while there are a lot of companies offering franchises, there is still a tremendous opportunity for the right franchise model. We feel very strongly that ours it that model. Allow us to show you why. Our business system has allowed us to be one of the largest provider of non medical senior services in home markets. Compare us and our system to other home care franchises and this is what you’ll find.

 Our 500,000 person standard territory is twice the size of other Home Care Franchises

WWhen it comes to having a significant senior care business, size does matter. Without enough population the revenue potential will not be there. Especially when you take into account the number of companies that are offering these services.

Management and Reporting Systems to help you grow a great Senior Care Business.

Size is not everything. You must have an efficient system that permits you to grow into that larger territory. Many senior care agencies grow to a certain size then stop growing even though they are not bound by territorial constraints. Our two corporate locations serve areas of 1.5 million people each. We will show you how to grow and manage a successful senior home care business in a larger territory.

Territories available up to 1.5 Million in Population, We want you to grow a large business.

If you’re ambitious and really want to have a business that is larger than the average territory franchise offering, then you should consider First Step. We offer the possibility to have a territory up to 1.5 million in population at a very reasonable fee. Compare us to other home care franchise offerings.

A Proven System Based On a Solid 10 Year Track Record

We’ve been providing high quality in home senior care for almost 10 years now. Our systems are tried, true and proven. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

State of the Art, Web Based Software and Billing Systems

Like all businesses, technology has changed ours as well. We’re constantly looking to use and improve every aspect of our business. This includes, but is not limited to, the scheduling, reporting and billing systems we use. These systems allow you to run an efficient and profitable business.

In Home Senior Care is a Fulfilling Business

It is very rewarding to be part of helping seniors age in place, at home where they are comfortable. See for yourself how First Step Home Care may be the senior care franchise for you. Click here for more info.

As a First Step Home Care Franchise Owner your care givers will manage the daily care activities of seniors in your area. .
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“Thank you all for giving patience, kindness and understanding during my time of desperate need.”

Evelyn H.